War of the Lions

The War of the Lions is actually something of a misnomer, since no Golden Kingdom records indicate any casualties by any sort of great cat, but was rather fought between armies of crusaders under the banner of Pelor and the barbarian tribes of the Great Wilds. When the war began to turn against the barbarians, they prayed to a constellation known as "the great lion" and were soon blessed with an influx of sorcerers from a foreign land. Unknown to the barbarians, the great lion had not answered their prayers, but they were being tricked by the god Vecna, who sent his necromancers to slay his enemies in Galahad. The barbarians, bolstered by a horde of undead and immortal steeds, rode north onto the Golden Plateau and met the army of General Cidolfus Orlandeau, often called the Golden Lion of Galahad. Thanks to the efforts of several of the Golden Kingdom's heroes, including Knight Templar Andraus, the Golden Lion routed the barbarian horde near what is now New Haven. The knights of Pelor skewered the majority of the necromancers on pikes and placed them in a valley near New Haven which is now called the "Forest of Skeletons."

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