Valandra is a young Air Genassi from the elemental isle of Luft. Valandra was a typical child who spent his younger years with his family Father, Mother, twin brother, and younger sister. He was very close to his twin brother, and the two of them would lead their friends on great adventures like going out into the jungle to find the swimming hole, saving the neighbor's puppy from the horrors of the scarecrow, and receiving the stolen (lost) purse of the local priest. As he grew his brother started spending time with the wrong crowd. His brother started using drugs and owing people money. When Valandra was 20 his brother framed him for the murder of a local drug dealer by using Valandra's personal weapon. Upon hearing of the event Valandra quickly ran and jumped onto a merchant ship heading for the mainland. He landed in the merchant city of Vendeur where he quickly donned the local clothing and ran off to try and hide. Quickly Valandra learned he was an outcast and would try to hide his heritage. Listening to the whispers of the towns he passed through he found that the large churches were not safe places to be near, this and his natural tendency towards the plains and ocean Vendeur spent much of his time away from civilization.

For seven years Valandra roamed across the continent spending a little time in each place he visited. Valandra has set his sights on Terrapin to get some sundries from Luft.

Valandra is probably sensitive about his parents giving him a girl's name.

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