The Level 5 Events

The Inhuman League has entered the catacombs in search of Lazarus in hopes to end his hostile attacks on New Haven, and to see if they can save Xander. They travel down a moderate staircase into a rectangular room with 5 pillars and a disgusting pile of rotting flesh and steel. As the explore the room they hear footsteps above them and see a figure standing on the air itself looking down at them. He calls out to them.

"you have been a thorn in our side inhuman league, but you will be a threat no more" he sticks his hand in a strange gauntlet and winces in pain. "with my blood as the bond, arise and destroy my enemies!" With that there is an audible click and grinding sounds begin to emanate from the grotesque pile in the middle of the room, it lurches upward, pestilent ooze dripping from its metal frame

The Ebon League used marionette against its master in the ensuing battle. Deftly dodging the constructs attacks causing it to barrel into the pillars supporting the cultists footing. He fell from his perch and his puppet fell atop him, killing him and destroying the mechanism used to control the golem. With the magic binding it gone the creature fell apart into a pile of filth and rusted iron.

After clearing the marionette and toppling the glass ceiling the part notice that the explosion of the construct has revealed that the main room had 3 false walls that are now destroyed. The room was quite larger then originally thought. There were four doors in the room and on the far wall there is strange looking fixture on the wall. it looked as though something might fit in the fixture.

The Ebon League had to clear all four rooms in order to get the items needed to open the hidden path to Lazarus.

(from left to right)

Rotting Room
The room is lit by a single torch in the back of the room, there are rotting corpses littering the room, with a large pile of them in the back corner. There is a chest in the back of the room. As the players enter they hear a low moan and see movement. They are attacked by Zombies and swarms of rot grubs feasting upon the piles of decaying flesh. The shard of the wall mural is found attached to a belt that fell from a corpse.

Trapped Room
The room is large and dimly lit, there is a Skull Necklace on the wall and a doorway leading to another room with a large chest in it. In the floor of the room there are broken shards of bone. Upon opening the chest and obtaining a shard of the mural they need the room's trap activates. The walls begin to close in on the Ebon league and to make matter worse Wraiths attack them, visages of prior victims. The trap was deactivated thanks to the quick thinking of Ariana and the specters quickly dispatched thereafter.

Skeletal Armory
This room is well lit by hanging chandeliers with an unearthly blue flame, revealing that this was an old makeshift barracks. As the Adventurers enter they see skeletons mimicking the actions they did in life in the barracks. They notice the players enter and quickly get ready for combat. While formidable combatants They long dead soldiers fall to the combines might of the Ebon League. There is a weapons rack in the back of the barracks that had a crank that was needed to open the passage on the wall mural.

Blood Pit
There is a large channel of blood splitting this room into near and far sections. the channel is 30 feet wide. On the other side of the room there is a cultist in robes reading from a book, tapping a piece of the wall mural on the book as he are clearly concentrating on something they are reading. They do not notice the party when the enter. Once someone touches the blood the figure turns to see what made the sound. The cultist locks the shard in a chest magically and then turned his attention to the interlopers. Once he knew hw could not fight them off the cultist drew his kris across his wrists and offered his life to stop the adventurers from completing their task and stopping Lazerus. He then collapsed into the channel of blood. The room darkened as necromantic energies became almost palpable in the room, the ritual gave life to a foul creature created entirely of blood that attacked Rama immediately, latching on to him and leeching his very life from him in a vampiric embrace. While distracted by this new combatant some poltergeists too the opportunity to pile on. After a hard fought battle our intrepid heroes emerge victorious.

Once they had collected all the items the Ebon League placed them into the wall mural in the main room and then used the crank. After a few rotations there is an audible clicking sound and the wall begins to shift revealing a dark staircase. When they get to the bottom of the staircase there is a short hallway that leads to a large natural cavern. In the middle of the cavern is a Whipstiched Abomination laying on a large obsidian slab, there is a symbol on the slab that looks similar to the symbol that the party found when they interrupted the cultist meeting in New Haven. They also see an Elf standing behind the abomination with his hands outstretched to it, palms facing the creature. There is a sickly greenish glow radiating from his hands trailing to the creature.

The elf stops and opens his eyes as the party enters. "I have been expecting you Inhuman League" he looks over and sees Arianna "And unfortunately what I heard was right, one of my people fights with you, how disappointing, but then according to my sources in Galahad, you were found as a child after one of their raids and they took you in themselves. I suppose you never learned the truth of what has been happening to our people, just that filth about "Pelor" they are always going on about. And you Octarius, i had heard such good things from Kreia-Zemlya about you, its a shame what happened to brockengeist, and mark my words, if no one fights them, it will happen to everyone who practices the Arcane Arts. I am truly surprised to see you have thrown your lot in those that seek to oppress you, but I suppose it matters not." he puts one last bolt of energy into the abomination and it starts to move "Soon you will all fall to my creation, I may even make another one from what is left of you, providing enough is left." He teleports to a raised platform in the back surrounded by waist high walls.

The creature lurches up, it is a stitched up mass of corpses, some fresher then others. At the top of it you can make out the upper-body and head of Xander, the necklace is still around his neck.

During the fight Lazerus lapses his concentration, during these moments Xanders still living mind takes control of the creature and he talks to the Adventurers. Lazerus becomes stunned by the feedback he is getting from the battle as he struggles to maintain control of his creation. Seeing it as his only chance to avoid becoming a monster, Xander takes off the necklace and throws it to the party, asking them that they give it to Veronica, and to apologize to her for him, he then grabed the stunned Lazerus and jumps off the cliff behind them, there is a loud disgusting splattering sound but it is too dark for anyone to see what happened, but nothing could have survived the fall.

While traveling back to New Haven, Octarius Fogshadow was visited by visions of Lazerus speaking with Kreia Zemlya. They were discussing the importance of the upcoming war, and even more so the importance of stopping the expansion of the golden kingdom and its tyranny. Octarius awoke in a cold sweat hearing a whisper in his ear, "You will be more useful then we had ever hoped" in Lazerus' voice. a dark wisp of purple smoke then seems to appear before him, then flies into Octarious' chest.

For bringing the necklaces back to Veronica she gives them a family heirloom, a beautiful Bracer clearly designed for a girl, covered in has unnecessary gemstones.

Dugan has a banquet prepared for the heroes and the town offers the heroes a great reward for helping their village so much. they are awarded with a barrel filled with 2,000 gp's worth of assorted gemstones.

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