The Hopewards

Also known as the Gloomwards by the locals, this is where the downtrodden in Galahad always end up. The Hopewards contain the cities halfway houses, orphanages, and more bars than the rest of the cities combined.

  • St. Milford's Cathedral is the district's church and orphanage. Lead by Invoker Sunstike, St. Milford is run more like a prison than an orphanage. Sunstrike is wise and intelligent, but not very personable. He councils the women at Second Light boarding house twice a week.
  • Second Light boarding house is the women halfway house. Because people in the Gloomwards like to drink their troubles away, the women can usually find work was as a waitress.
  • The Watchful Eye, is the men's halfway house. Most of the men are sent to the docks to earn their keep.
  • House Jarko keeps a recruitment center in the Hopewards to hire mercenaries whenever the need some fodder.
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