The Elemental Isles

The Elemental Isles are the ancestral home of the genasi. In the central archipelago around which the islands formed, from a deep within Kadan no Rizadon, the second-largest volcano in Alth'Ruin (after the Great Furnace), the Primordials burst forth in an awesome and terrible display that created the world. Solumn's stability created the land and Exuro's intensity shaped it as rock and magma sundered all that was, leaving only all that is. As steam filled the nothingness, Maritimus was overwhelmed by the great heat and filled the great basins and jagged chasms forming the oceans, lakes, and rivers. When she saw that everything had stabilized, [[[the wind one]]] swept her brothers' creation with the winds of change, and at last the world was born.

The Elemental Isles grow increasingly mutable as one approaches Kadan no Rizadon, with the terrain changing rapidly. For this reason, the majority of genasi cities are located on the outer coasts of their islands (like Australia), and genasi ships are typically equipped to sail on water, lava, and even air, lest they be destroyed. Because these changes are so sudden, it is not uncommon for adventurers to drown in sand or fall off of a sheer cliff for hours before finally hitting terra firma.

The largest city, Luft, located on the island of the same name, has vast resources as a trading hub, which any sailor will tell you is because every wind is a favorable one. From Luft the shogunate keeps order, despite the flighty, disorganized nature of its people. House Wavir has the most direct control over the territory, and it's said even the shogun shows respect to this foreign trading company. Regardless, the merchandise available here is as fine as any in Galahad.

Trade with the other islands is considerably more difficult and for this reason, the genasi have largely refrained from joining the world's other societies en masse. Rough seas, dangerous volcanoes and lightning storms, and craggy, hazardous terrain force seclusion, exclusion, and xenophobia upon their societies. For this reason, genasi trade goods are highly sought-after by the aristocracy in mainland cities.

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