Sir Hoppington

Sir Hoppington is a lop bunny belonging to Ariana Soleil. He has big, floppy ears and brilliant gold fur that makes him look like a knight in armor. He enjoys carrots, but his favorite food is the sugar beets that the high inquisitor had brought back from the Great Wilds. As a young girl, Ariana struggled to keep Sir Hoppington out of the inquisitor's garden, but he was such a common (and adorable) sight that even LaCroix's cold heart melted and eventually welcomed Sir Hoppington. When he's not wandering the cloisters for exercise and vegetables, Sir Hoppington has an iron cage lined with cedar chips and a carrot carved from sandstone to file his teeth on. When Ariana is away on a mission, her friend JuliƩ Mardesous looks after Sir Hoppington so he doesn't get lonely.

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