Session 8 1 24 2012

Just before the cult meeting the Inhuman league arrived at the location and found an arcane sigil written in unicorn blood outside of the windmeel. The league decided to tamper with the mark so render it unusable. Soon the cultist emerged from the windmeel and headed towards the sigil. The league quickly hid in the forest and eaves dropped on the group. They spoke of a man called Lazarus and tried to contact him using the sigil on the ground. Before the group could finish their incantation, the leader noticed the sigil had been tampered with, and order his men to search for the interlopers. At this point the Inhuman league decided to do what they do best, and they got to bustin' skulls.

The league quickly discovered, however, that these particular skulls were more resilient than the ones that they were used to busting. The cult leader with one fluid motion cut down Valandra with his giant blade and then set his sights on Rama. Ragnar moved quickly to revive his fallen ally as the rest of the League met their foes head on. The league surrounded the leader and attacked with their full might. Just as it seemed that the league had gained the upper hand, the cult leader beckoned one of his subordinates to him and commanded him to offer his life to the cause. With that, the leader stuck down his underling and had his strength returned to him.

The battle continued, as the cultist dropped their leader found he had nobody to strike down to increase his own power. At last they had isolated their foe, with none of his remaining allies willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the group, the league managed to land the killing blow. With only one frightened cultist left, the league decides to gather whatever information they can get from him. They learn of that Lazarus is an elf who wishes to reclaim his homeland, and that there is a base located at a cemetery to the south. Perhaps Aran know of that cemetary.

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