Session 7 I Think It Was Last Sunday

The Inhuman League had played a pivotal role in defeating the zombie hordes and were expecting a reward from Dugan and were summoned to his estate. When they arrived Dugan told the league that the shipment that was delivering their reward had not yet arrived and was infact several days late. Since Dugan has come to depend on the league, he had tasked them with the rescue of their own reward.

As the traveled the road searching for clue to the whereabouts of the missing shipment, they found the missing shipment. There were dead bodies laying all around the caravan, but the cargo remained. While trying to figure out who would kill the caravaners but not steal the cargo, they were charged by a fierce greenish grey dragon. The dragon attacked with a flurry of claws and lashing tail, it's corrosive skin burned anything it touched. Just as soon as it seemed the league would slay the beast, it let out a terrible roar disorienting everyone near by. The dragon charged Octarius, who was not all alone and defenseless. Octarius fought back with a spastic flurry of his own, and manage to survive the attack. When the rest of the league regained their senses, defeating the dragon was inevitable.

The victory was short lived however. Through the woods came a foreboding "Shazooooo!!!" accompanied by a number of "Derp!", all the tell tale signs of the fabled wulbs. The wulbs seemed to have been kept in check by the dragon, but now were the top predator in the area, and decided to display their new found dominance by attacking the weakened Inhuman league.

The stories that mothers tell their children to keep them from wandering into the woods did not do justice to the ferocity of the creatures. Attack with a ferocious pack mentality. They quickly and effectively knocked down and isolated members of the league, and while they were down the wulbs went for the jugular. Thanks to the inspiring faith of Ragnar, and his knack for healing the wounded the league managed to survive the assault.

The league recovered the cargo and returned to Dugan, and Dugan presented them with their reward, plus a bonus for their troubles. Dugan then informed the league that Chauncy had gathered new information on the cult that had been plaguing the city. The cultist were planning a meeting that day, the league has to plan their next move very carefully.

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