Session 6 1 3 2012

After defeating the grave digger abomination, the Inhuman League could now proceed to the church to find survivors that were rumored to be there, all that was left to do is cross the cemetery during zombie season. They encountered two more crying zombies, the league decided it was better to avoid them rather that risking a direct confrontation. The other undead in the area acted with poise and cunning that is unusual for their kind, attempting to force the league into their more dangerous allies.

The Inhuman League barely managed to skirt away from the crying zombies while managing to eliminate the others. Finally they managed to get to the church, after pushing through a modest barricade, they managed to get inside. Inside there was an nervous man who ran up the steps. The other two people in the church pleaded with man not to go. Before anyone could stop him, he completed his cowardly plan, hanging himself in the bell tower.

The bell rang out, and roaring over hills came a horde of undead. The league quickly barricaded the doors and widows at the spot the deemed easiest to defend. They sent the remaining two survivors to the basement are awaited the coming horde. Hunters and smoker crash through the window of the main chapel and begin attacking the blockade, while a tank breaks in the back door. The league split to defend two fronts, Rama and Ariana intercept the tank while Asteron and Valandra crash through the weakened barricade. In the beginning, the League manage to separate and pick off the powerful undead, but the unending horde slowly exhausted the Leagues resources and they found themselves overwhelmed.

Just when all seemed lost, Knight Templar Andraus crashed through the door. With a prayer and a swing of his weapon the remaining undead were vaporized by an angelic army, which filled Ariana with and Ragnar with Pelor's Light. He praised the league for their valor and rewarded them for their great service. The couple hiding in the basement introduced themselves, Veronica Caulfield and her fiance Xander Grombodar. The ever dramatic Dugan gave Octarius a *special* gift and told the party to swing by his place in two weeks to get some special items he has requested for them as a thanks from him and the citizens of New Haven, but mostly Grandmarshal Dugan.

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