Session 5 L4d Marathon


the party solved the puzzle and learned the the food supplies in New Haven was adulterated by "special serum". Quickly the Inhuman League sprang into action, traveling to the town to warn its residents. Luckily they had made it in time to save those within the city walls, but the fate of those outside the walls proved grim. The serum poisoned those that ate it and turned them into cannibalistic monsters. Even worse some people mutated even further into complete abominations, at least that was the rumor by those escaped the outskirts and made it into town in time.

The Inhuman league was called into action to venture outside of the towns walls and head to an old church of Palor on the outset of the village. Many of the survivors that made it to town spoke that those who were too far away from the walls decided to barricade themselves in there in hopes they would be rescued. The townspeople said that the best way to get to the church was to travel to the old windmill and use the underground passage that went to the church from the windmills basement. The passage was made to help keep the church filled with food to hand out to the people and there was a large root cellar/storage area in the passage that connected the church and the windmill, and that it should be the easiest path to take to avoid the horde of infected that clogged the streets. The party was given Holy water to help protect them from what was surely to come…

Upon taking this charge the Inhuman league left the safety of the walls to begin their rescue operation. Originally all was fairly well as they just cut down any of the undead that they found on their way to leaving the city walls, but after passing the wreckage of a small market they learned that the stories of abominations were true as they came face to face with a large misshapen humanoid that smelled of foul rot and had a disgusting ichor oozing from its open mouth. Before they could react to this walking atrocity it opened its mouth and made a gurgling and then spewed putrid slime at our heroes. Worse still the slime seemed to call out to the other infected townsfolk and they began to swarm to the adventures that were hit by the vile attack. The misshapen monster proved to be no match for our intrepid heroes who finally felled the horror, and as if knew what would happened, teleported him a safe distance from them with the killing blow avoiding the creatures final attack as he exploded from within leaving a shower of the putrid slime he had attacked them with moments before.

With barely breathing room the (ig)noble adventurers continued on their path, knowing that staying put for too long would only bring more of the foul creature to attack them. As they traveled to the windmill they came across a fork in the road. Tot he right they could hear what sounded like a veritable metric shit-ton of zombies, the other path sounded like it was home to a lone crying little girl. Knowing something was up, (one of you assholes) decided to study the little girl a little more once you saw her, figuring the zombies would have attacked her under normal circumstances, and that most little girls don't have what looks to be 3 foot claws at the end of each finger. Their hunch was right and they remembered stories of banshees and shades that would try to mimic noises that would draw people to them, much like a spider may hand small insects in its web to attract larger prey. They part decided to switch roles on the creature, turning the hunter into the hunted. Asteron then calmly walked up to the creature with his ax held high in the air, and swung it directly at the creature, splitting it in two. With this vicious attack the creature perished. The adventurers pressed on, seeing the silhouette of the lighthouse in dim moonlight knowing they were nearing their destination.

With the windmill in sight there was one last terrifying obstacle between our heroes and the first destination on their way. The only way to get to the windmill was through a large cornfield, they could hear the sounds of zombies in the field, but there was not enough light so see more then a few feet in front of themselves, they could also hear noises that they only could assume came from some other abomination, and the field itself was dense and thick, not the best terrain for combat. Our heroes chose to stick together as they traversed the field, hopeing to protect one another as the enemies came at them, knowing that splitting up in the dark would do them no good. Then from behind them a creature lept from the shadows with unnatural agility, landing on Octarius Fogshadow and proceeding to slash at him with his razor sharp claws. Just as Ragnar Lodbrok was reaching out to help Octarius we was lassoed by a new assailant that was using its intestines as a rope and wrenched back towards this new threat. The Inhuman League seemed to be disoriented in the darkness and rushed to save their comrades from this new vicious assault. The sound of the fighting and the smell of spilt blood was also attracting more of the seemingly endless horde of undead. The advantage the mindless creatures had gained was short lived however, and through grit, determination, and the application of dark magics, divine blessings, and a little bit of luck our brave warriors endured the onslaught and retaliated against their foes, leaving their corpses in the cornfield finally laid to rest.

The door to the windmill had a strange red shape painted on it, it looked like a crude house with a cross in the middle of it. The windmill itsle was wall build and there was finally time for a break from the action. After patching themselves up and catching their breath, The adventurers delved in to passage that connected the church to the windmill. The initial path to the church was blocked off by a cave in, and there were body parts strewn around the passage, they looked to have been torn off in some horrific display of power. Upon further investigation the group happened upon the storage area that kept food for the outlying areas of the city Upon scanning the room they had discover both good and bad news, the good new is it looking like the grave keeper for the church had tunneled into the storage room from the side so that there was still a way out near the church, the bad new is that a towering figure of gnarled muscle and flesh stood in the doorway, it looked at them with an inhuman rage in its eyes and bellowed out a cry as it charged at them.

Rama Anung quickly intercepted the brute preventing it from reaching his allies. Challenging the creature directly proved to be somewhat more difficult than anticipated, it easily cast him aside and charged through. Octarius in a desperate attempt to avoid the coming onslaught managed to call shadows to momentarily topple the advancing monstrosity. The rest of the Inhuman league surrounded their foe while they had the chance. Soon the creature enraged, and despite looking as if it was falling apart, it became more powerful than before. Swatting his would be attackers, the creature made a bee line for the support vulnerable members of the team. Knowing if his support fell the battle was lost, Rama managed to tear time-space and pull the creature through and took the full brunt of the monster's wrath. It seemed the creature put the last of it's strength into his last attack and the Inhuman league managed to finish it off.

After picking themselves up and cursing whatever created such a hellish creature, the heroes limped up to the grave keepers shack, the sun was just starting to peek up, and the sky was a deep reddish orange from the east, They could see the church and were nearly there, but there was still the matter of traversing the graveyard to get there, and they could see that there were some empty graves in the graveyard. Steeling themselves for what lay ahead of them, the Inhuman League opened the door to the shack and stepped out into the graveyard….

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