Session 4 12 13 2011

After clearing out the bandit encampment the victorious Inhuman League found a wounded man unconscious on the road. Despite his evil wizard robes, Ragnar decided to help the weary traveler. After determining that the man was less serious the inhuman league grew suspicious of the man. They asked his name, and he awkwardly fumbled around the question, they asked why he was traveling in the middle of the night, and he told them it was day time, nothing he said quite added up.

Rama then sternly question the man about his true intentions, and to everyone's surprise, the not beaten man lying in the middle of the road at night turned to attack the unsuspecting heroes. An unnatural darkness fell upon the the league as the man invoked the black god, and when the light returned they were met with more bandits. The Inhuman League turned their sights on the bandits, then pummeled the old wizard. As the final blow was struck, the wizard escaped in a brilliant light, leaving an arcane fire trail for the heroes to follow.

The trail lead back to the bandit encampment to a previous unremarkable graveyard. The wizard had raised undead protectors, but had not fully healed from his wounds. The undead fought with more cunning than was typical for mindless undead, clearly the wizard was able to control both the undead and the weak will members of the league. The battle was intense but the league was able to turn the tide and win the brawl.

On the body of the fallen wizard there was a strange note. After some time the note was deciphered, and a new threat to New Haven is discovered looming over the town.

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