Session 3 Last Time On Dragon Ball Z

Last time on Dragon Ball Z,

The Inhuman League meet with Captain Orten who was in the process of chewing out New Haven's city guard for not being as totally sweet as the Inhuman League. Then Orten told the League about new information about the bandit encampment and asked for the League's help in eliminating this threat. The Inhuman League waited for cover of nightfall to assault the bandits, surprising the night watch they managed to quickly dispatch the guard. The guard did manage to alert the other of the oncoming threat ,and soon, more bandit that thought possible poured out of the barracks. Drowsy from being awoken and probably sore from the gay sex they were undoubtedly forced in to having to fit in such a small spaced, the second group of bandits where easily put down.

The League soon made it to the bandit stronghold, inside were two men in armor who awaited their arrival. These bandits may have extended their shot lives slightly by parleying with the Inhuman League but they did not seem interested to do so. After the battle one of the bandit peons was left alive so the League could learn whatever secrets he knew.

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