Session 2 11 15 2011

After their meeting with Grandmarshal Dugan, the Inhuman League headed to Grindhaus for the celebration that was to be held in their honor. The League socialized with several upstanding members of community and making several valuable contacts. Rama partook in a local custom placing a bet on who would go home with Alulynn Arrowbite placing a large sum on Ragnar. Ariana overheard the bet, but despite her mama birding, Ragnar was felled by the beast (Rama won a life sized solid gold giraffe).

The next day, after a long shower for Ragnar, the Inhuman League was back to business as usual. Captain Orten needed help with a bandit problem that has plagued the city for some time. The league came up with a "brilliant" and "totally not retarded" plan to find the bandits and wipe them out. Disguising themselves as wealthy travelers the tricked the bandits into robbing them, and the ensuing Ro Sham Bo was not for the faint of heart.

It was also requested that, if they had the time, to pick up some herbs for the Grindhaus as it is dangerous to go alone into the wilds. Finding the herb was easy enough, but the area where it was growing was also home to a strange alter. A pillar at the center of a stone pentagram held a suit of armor, all life around the alter seem to be draining away. The league approached the alter cautiously and upon removing the armor, the stones came to life. The league easily dispatched the mindless stones and claimed their precious plants. A closer inspection of the pentagram revealed symbols etched into the stone. With no one among them able to make sense of the symbols, the turn to Niles Aran for guidance.

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