Session 10 The More Different Clearing

After obtaining a map of the abandoned graveyard far to the south from Niles Aran and messing with the dirty pirate hooker Veronica Corningstone about her adulterous, probably deceased boyfriend Xander, the Inhuman League traveled south from New Haven and encountered a band of boneshard skeletons and gravelock wights, who are put to sword and spell despite Valandra being overcome by a wanderlust.

Still further to the south, a similar clearing meant doom and despair as the heroes faced off against ghouls and corpses of despair. Their annoying status effects held no sway over the (re)murderous League and they were quickly dispatched. In a third, almost exactly the same clearing, a necrophiliac camp was assaulted, but four ghasts and two blazing skeletons rose to their master's defense, apparently he was pretty good in the coffin, if you catch my meaning1, but apparently four years of necromancer college, a master's in undead management, and 18 points of sexual stamina is insufficient to defeat the Inhuman League, who learned everything they knew in the school of hard knocks. Truly, this was a victory for Goodness, Rightness, and the Mr. Pibbs of the world.

After the battle in the third more different (but mostly the same) clearing, the now-emboldened Octarius Fogshadow discovered a spooky staircase led to some creepy catacombs which he decided to explore alone. After a six-hour extended rest Octarius had not returned, but a gnome gnomeromancer arrived and offered to assist the Inhuman League in the exact same manner and with many of the same powers2.

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