Session 1 11 8 2011

Foul weather has slowed Action Jaxon's caravan heading for New Haven. Waiting for the weather to break the not yet formed Inhuman League were making acquaintances at the The Drunken Leech, Jaxon's rolling bar. The weather finally broke late at night, and despite the danger of traveling at night, Jaxon chose to push on.

The dark night hide the dangers of Altha'Ruin, and the caravan rode into the webs of monstrous spiders. The spider ambush quickly dispatched Jaxon's hired hands, most of them have never seen an actual battle. It was up to the Inhuman League to eliminate the threat. While the caravan driver's fled for their lives, the inadvertently ran strait to the spider lurking in the shadows, looking for their next meal. The League was able to save all but one of the drivers, a prayer was said for the fallen and the caravan continued to New Haven.

Upon arriving at New Haven, they learned that the missing driver,Andrew, was the son of Captain Orten. Captain Orten, who is known for the poor luck of his progeny, was unwilling to allow Jaxon to enter the town without searching for his son. Orten pleaded with the Inhuman League to return his son as Jaxon is an asshole with no real power.

After a confusing trip through the wilds involving demotivational speeches, careless wandering, threats, and desperation, they finally managed to track Andrew to a clearing that was the lair of a enormous spider queen. The queen and her spawn fought hard to defend the meal they have just captured, but in the end proved to be no match for the capable adventurers.

The League returned to a overjoyed Captain Orten, who gave the saviors of his son what was left from his personal collection. It was at that time that the team had the "privilege" of meeting Grandmarshal Dugan, an effeminate weirdo and leader of the town. Dugan had all of the tedious paperwork to have the Inhuman League made into an officially recognized adventuring group. Dugan also expressed enthusiasm in throwing a fabulous party in celebration of the newly formed team's heroic accomplishments.

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