Rama Anung

Rama Anung is a tiefling swordmage found on the steps of the orphanage in the City of Galahad. He is tall and rust colored skin, he has horns and a tail. Growing up as an orphan, especially one who looked like a demon, was difficult in a big city. Because of his physical appearance he was bullied and when he stood up for himself he was scolded for hurting the other children. When he was ten, he stole money out of the donation box and stowed away on a caravan that was headed out of the city. Discovered while delivering goods to New Haven, that's where he "decided" to start his new life.

Rama soon went through the money he had stolen and was again forced to fend for himself. While stealing his next meal he was caught by an old wizard Niles Aran. Aran saw potential in the boy and offered to take him as his apprentice. Instead of paying the tuition, Rama acted as Aran's personal courier. He taught him how to wield a sword and how to tap into his arcane potential. Although some students resented him because of his upbringing and being Aran's personal pupil, they rarely confronted him due to his undeniable talent.

Being raised with nothing and then instantly climbing the social ladder, Rama is now obsessed with living the good life. Rama dresses well and eats at the finest restaurants. Knowing that Aran's Academy is quite impressive, to those interested in the arcane, Rama frequently brags of his accomplishments. Despite his typically cold exterior, he does have a soft spot for the downtrodden, especially other monsters like himself. With his final delivery to Terrapin before his training ends, Rama prepares to set off on his own, a life he knows all too well.


Rama has been living in New Haven for over a decade now, as an outcast himself, he has befriended other socially awkward citizens.

Rama has never been hugged.

  • Randy "The Bear" - The bear is another of Aran's foundlings, though he has no talent for arcane magic, he makes his living as the grounds keeper of the Academy. Abandoned at birth because in the shifter culture ever since Igor the Red, every shifter born with red hair and freckles is considered to be without soul and capable of pure evil. The Bear stands almost seven feet tall with and is covered in auburn hair, his formidable figure hides his wisdom. He is Rama's best friend.
  • Harriet "The Wretch" - The Wretch was once a human of noble birth. When she was shunned by the boy she liked at the Academy she sold a piece of her soul for more power. It was all for not, her exchange robbed her of her beauty turning her a pale blue tone, a shade of her former self. Now she flaunts her arcane knowledge to make up for the fact she has no people skills.

Things I like

  • Longswords:
    • Weapon of Surrounding +1 (lvl3) or +2 (lvl8)
    • ✔ Weapon of Defense +1 (lvl4) or +2 (lvl9)
    • Rubicant Blade +2 (lvl8)
    • Aegis Blade +2 (lv8)
  • Leather Armor:
    • ✔ Armor of Aegis Expansion +1 (lvl2) or +2 (lvl7)
    • Shadowdance Armor +2 (lvl10)
  • Neck:
    • ✔ Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1 (lvl4) or +2 (lvl9)
    • Cloak of Translocation +2 (lvl9)
  • Hands:
    • Gauntlets of Remote Action (lvl9)
  • Waist:
    • ✔ Belt of Vigor (lvl2)
    • Belt of Fitness (lvl7)
  • Wrist:
    • Bracers of Mental Might (lvl6)
    • Warded Vambraces (lvl6)
  • Feet:
    • Boots of Surging Speed (lvl7)
    • Boots of the Fencing Master (lvl7)
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