God of the sun and summer, Pelor is the keeper of time. He supports those in need and opposes all that is evil. As the lord of agriculture and the bountiful harvest, he is the deity most commonly worshiped by ordinary humans, and his priests are well received wherever they go. Paladins and rangers are found among his worshipers. He directs his followers thus:

  • Alleviate suffering wherever you find it.
  • Bring Pelor’s light into places of darkness, showing kindness, mercy, and compassion.
  • Be watchful against evil.

Pelor is the primary religion in the human-dominated Golden Kingdom. The church of Pelor is based in Galahad and consists of three distinct orders, each devoted to a tenet of the faith:

  • The holy clerics are priests and laymen who serve the faith by leading worship and caring for the souls of the faithful.
  • The knights hospitalier is a pacifist order of healers who serve the faith by caring for the bodies of the faithful.
  • The knights templar is a militant order who serve the faith by protecting the faithful from evil races and monsters.

Acting independently of these three branches are the inquisitors, whose job it is to monitor and audit the three to ensure they are conforming with the doctrine of the church. Often, an overzealous inquisitor will take to enforcing the church's decrees on the common people, stepping beyond his station. Because only a member of the church would be able to challenge an inquisitor on these matters, in turn incurring the inquisitors' wrath, these abuses often go unchallenged.

Within the Golden Kingdom and abroad there are several heresies associated with the sun god, whose canon differs with that of the official church in Galahad. The "sword saints" of the Taiyo Kensei are technically one such order, but their association with the Golden Kingdom makes using "heretic" to describe them unpopular (and given their reputation for swordsmanship, ill-advised).

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