Octarius Fogshadow

Octarius Fogshadow is a human mage and a survivor of the massacre at Brockengeist.

An orphan, Octarius was raised by the entire community of Brockengeist. His upbringing exposed him to many aspects of village life and, as a result, he is well versed in the lore of the Mystwald.

Octarius fled the massacre of Brockengeist at the behest of the village elder. Desiring revenge, but aware that he lacks the power, he was been seeking someone to mentor him in the Art. Hearing of Niles Aran, headmaster of Aran's Academy Of Arcane Arts, Octarius set of out for New Haven via Terrapin.

Octarius is accompanied by his Tule familiar, Barayas.


Octarius Fogshadow Brian Oswald
Passive Insight 20 Passive Perception 15
HP 34; Bloodied 17 AC 17 Fort 15 Ref 18 Will 19
Str 8 (1) Dex 10 (2) Wis 17 (5)
Con 12 (3) Int 19 (6) Cha 12 (3)

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Item Wishlist

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Magic Items Possessed

Orb of Inevitable Continuance +1 (Level 3)
Robe of Scintillation +1 (Level 2)
Cape of the Mountebank +1 (Level 5)

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