Niles Aran

Niles Aran is a human wizard, and in his younger days served as a adviser to the High Inquisitor. Aran is the oldest wizard in the books he is is short and slender, he has long silver hair and dresses well. When La'Croix became the new High Inquisitor, he informed Aran that his council was no longer needed Aran then took a home in New Haven, founding Aran's Academy of Arcane Arts, passing on his knowledge and giving advise to those who seek it. Occasionally Aran takes on a personal apprentice who he takes particular interest in. Though the apprentice doesn't pay tuition, Aran uses him to run errands that the aging wizard considers too much of a burden. When not teaching his students he spends most of his time in his personal library at the academy. He has seen just about everything that Altha'Ruin has to offer, or at least as much that has been documented. He boasts that he has the most complete map of Altha'Ruin, if you can provide a section of previously unexplored region, Aran will reward you well.

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