New Haven

New Haven is a border town located at the edge of the Great Wilds and the territories of the Golden Kingdom. The plan for New haven is for it to become the main settlement in the area and to be used as a base to mount expeditions into the Great Wilds. Currently it is a moderately sized town with a population of approximately 800 - 1,000. Most of the citizens utilize simple trade skills or are manual laborers and farmers.

The most notable people in New Haven include:

  • Captain Orten, the leader of the local guardsman who overseas the security and protection of New Haven from the center of the Halls of Honour, the name of the towns barracks and martial training facilities.
  • Knight Templar Andraus, the spiritual leader of New Haven and the commander of the local order of the church of Pelor. He preaches from the Solar Cathedral at the center of town.
  • Franz von Schmitenschmidt, The owner of the Local Pub "Du Werdest Eine Krankenschwester Brauchen" better known to the locals as the "Grindhaus" for its wide selection of ground meats and spices served stuffed into pig intestines.
  • Auctioneer Scatter runs the local Auction House, "Scatter's Bazaar". It has a good reputation from the locals for being a "fair" Auction house, meaning that it has a generally good selection up for auction and rarely carries poor quality items.
  • Grandmarshal Dugan is the "leader" of New Haven, appointed by the High Inquisitor himself. In reality the Grandmarshal was a distant family member to High Inquisitor La'Croix who needed to be removed from Galahad before he made a mockery of the Church, as he is a cowardly man who spends his time drinking and lusting after women, but as family to the High Inquisitor, he is above such crimes, and subsequently such laws.
  • Niles Aran, former adviser to the High Inquisitor and before that world explorer, Aran has seen it all. Locals come to him when they need guidance outside of the spiritual nature. He is has occasionally taken apprentices to aid the aging wizard in his day to day activities.
  • Veronica Caulfield and Xander Grombodar are the obnoxiously cute couple saved by the Inhuman League from the infected horde in "Ye Olde Church of Pelor"

The main Places of Interest in New Haven Include:

  • Du Werdest Eine Krankenschwester Brauchen, a local tavern better known as the Grindhaus to the local population.
  • The Halls of Honour, the barracks and training facility that houses all those responsible for the safety of New Haven.
  • The great Solar Cathedral found in the middle of the town, a great and vast temple devoted to the worship of Pelor
  • Scatter's Bazaar, the auction house of New Haven where goods are sold to the highest bidder.
  • Viper's Edge and The Stonehearth. The weapon and armor vendors of New Haven, they are owned and operated by the Wilcox Twins, Viper and Herrod Wilcox. They are Craftsmen without peer and each have several apprentices known to get into fights over which group has the better master.
  • Emily's Rose is the local apothecary run by Emily Rosewood, it sells both medicinal items as well as poisons to the farmers to help protect their crops.
  • Skins N Things is a light armor and general trading store owned and operated by the brutish half-orc Alulynn Arrowbite.
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