Merchant Houses Of Altha Ruin

The Merchant Houses of Altha'Ruin are a loose confederacy of the most influential merchants known. They created their alliance so that they would have the collective power to build trade centers free from the ever-present eye of the authorities so that they could trade "immoral" items without fear of reprisal. In return for this freedom they ofton act as spies for the Golden Kingdom, and offer Golden Kingdom "deep discounts" on any items they would need, as well as the ability to procure rare and elusive items thanks to their extensive reach and near limitless funds.

The Main merchant houses of Altha'Ruin Are:

  • House Jarko -
    • In the business of selling "Protection". House Jarko controls the largest Mercenary company in all of Altha'Ruin. Their Mercenaries are mediocre at best, but they make up for it with sheer numbers of recruits, and complete disregard for the well being of everyone but the most senior officers
  • House Tomblador -
    • Tomblador is known for providing any and all of your land clearing and deforestation needs. The house struck it rich when the Golden Empire decided to expand into the Great Wilds. They sell general clearing equipment like lumber ax's and saws, and have been known to get their hand on extremely dangerous and unpredictable potions that destroy large chunks of forest in days.
  • House Wavir -
    • House Wavir specilizes in providing basic necessities. Food, water, lumber, masonry, and other general goods. It is said a house has not been built in the last 100 years that did not include Wavir Goods
  • House Vordon -
    • House Vordon specializes in Earth Materials thanks to their secret contact in Worldspire. They provide ore, gems, coal, gold and virtually ever other item mined from the earth.
  • House Rees -
    • House Reese is as close as you would get to a "Lending Institution" but operate more like a modern loan shark. They offer money to those who need it but charge outrageous interest rates. If they don't get paid on time they have no qualms about sending some of House Jarko's Mercenaries over to help "solve the problem"
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