A powerful elvish necromancer, he seeks to destroy the Golden Kingdom starting with New Haven, as revenge for the constant encroachment and destruction of the Elven homelands. He has gotten many followers by promising them power for their servitude.

He escaped in his battle with The Ebon League, his whip-stitched abomination breaking free of his control and tumbling off the cliff with Lazarus in his hands. He was presumed dead as the cliff within the cavern was deeper then anyone eyes could perceive.

While traveling back to New Haven, Octarius Fogshadow was visited by visions of Lazerus speaking with Kreia Zemlya. They were discussing the importance of the upcoming war, and even more so the importance of stopping the expansion of the golden kingdom and its tyranny. Octarius awoke in a cold sweat hearing a whisper in his ear, "You will be more useful then we had ever hoped" in Lazerus' voice.

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