Knight Templar Andraus

Knight Templar Andraus is a paladin of Pelor and the spiritual leader of New Haven. Andraus's official post is a reward from the High Inquisitor for his meritoriousness service as a Crusader in the name of Pelor while serving directly under General Cidolfus Orlandeau in the War of the Lions. He is a slender, powerfully-built man with a graying brown beard and mustache that is fitting for his thirty-five or forty years. Andraus carries a golden longsword said to have been blessed by the sun god Himself, which always shines as if in direct sunlight no matter where he is. In conversation, Andraus prefers to talk about the glories of Pelor and does not often talk about his time as a Crusader. In an impressive display of divine power, Andraus and his allies destroyed several powerful undead with little more than a prayer and a cool pose, saving the members of the Inhuman League from an uncertain fate.

Andraus is blissfully unaware that the holy assassin Ariana Soleil has fallen in love and is determined to break her vow of chastity to conceive a half-elf baby with him so they can retire from adventuring together to dress their baby up in cute little outfits in the adorable nursery of their posh townhouse in Galahad. If anyone in the Inhuman League had ever met her foster father, they might be quick to point out the dozens of similarities between Cid and Andraus.

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