Jacob Blake

Jacob Blake is a half-elf Bard from Hon'aru, a small hamlet on the Golden Kingdom. His mother died giving birth to him, and though his father remarried he never forgave Jacob. Michael, his father, is a Cleric of Pelor and head of the church in Hon'aru, he is abusive to Jacob because he does not share his faith or work ethic and blamed . When there is work to be done Jacob quickly assumes the role of "administrator" and tricks more gullible children into doing his work.

At a young age Jacob ran away from home to pursue a life of fame, he is a charismatic man and plays several musical instruments. He also dabbles in arcane magics, if his father new about this he would have been thrown out long before he could run away. Though Jacob considers himself a good person, he is an anarchist and speaks out openly against the church. Jacob chronicles his life in his music and so far only has a limited song list.

Jacob's song list

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