Iron Hills

The Iron Hills is an outlying mountain range near the southern edge of the Worldspire. It is home to a dwarf mining community.

Landscape and Area

The Iron Hills were once great peaks in the Worldspire. The exact legend of their toppling is lost. Some suggest it was great upheaval during ancient battle and others claim that the Primordials reshaped the land several times in their reign. The hills are the source of several tributaries to the main river in the area. The dirt and water run red in this area due to the high concentration of minerals, especially iron.

Folk of the Iron Hills

The Iron Hills are home, primarily, to dwarves. There are several settlements, countless mines, and a few larger dwarven "cities" in the hills. The settlements here saw plenty of immigration when purple worm attacks drove families from the larger cities of the Worldspire.

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