High Inquisitor LaCroix

High Inquisitor Alphonse LaCroix is the Lord of the Golden Kingdom and a faithful servant of Pelor. He is an accomplished swordsman and is the head of the Sword Saints of the ancient order Taiyo Kensei.

LaCroix is a man of truly epic stature, standing 6'4" and 345 lbs., built like a meat locker stuffed into golden plate. His handlebar mustache and blonde ponytail have gone wispy and silver with age and the foliage has long since abandoned his scalp, but despite his age he can still cleave a troll in half with his mighty greatsword and piss acid on its corpse before the fucking thing sewed itself back together.

Though the Golden Kingdom had always been a beacon of light in an otherwise desolate world, it wasn't until LaCroix and his paladins overthrew the monarchy and established their religious rule that true prosperity could be realized, and today it is still through the high inquisitor's belief in manifest destiny that expansion continues, establishing villages like New Haven to expand the reach of his kingdom beyond the Golden Plateau and into the Great Wilds.

In accordance with the doctrine he was invaluable in creating, the high inquisitor must exercise celibacy to prevent the succession of his offspring to the role of high inquisitor and the establishment of a dynasty. In part because of this, LaCroix has the biggest, bluest balls in the whole damn kingdom, and he's quick to anger and slow to forgive. Despite this, he's also compassionate and naive, and he considers righteousness to be more important than duty.

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