Grandmarshal Dugan

Grandmarshal Dugan is the epitome of a poor leader. He is completely self absorbed and has been spoiled his entire life. In order to get him away from Galahad he was sent to "lead" New Haven by High Inquisitor LaCroix. The people of New Haven put up with him because it ensures that they receive plenty of protection from Galahad. It does not hurt that Dugan is also known to buy virtually anything with his near unlimited money, and the boost the towns economy has helped many a citizen.

Often described as a fat effeminate weirdo the Grandmarshal lives in a Mansion of a house near the center of town. He is known to dress in the finest of clothes, and is more then willing to talk at great lengths about his fashion sense and other lack thereof. He and his Manservant Chauncy are generally tolerated by the townspeople because, quite frankly, they don't have any other choice.

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