Golden Palace

The Golden Palace is the pinnacle of architectural achievement in the Golden Kingdom. It is a 22-story ziggurat crafted from golden-hued limestone which towers above the city of Galahad. It was formerly the palace of the royal family, dozens of courtiers, their courtesans, mistresses, and harems, and dozens of other functionaries, but since the religious coup of High Inquisitor LaCroix and the new Pelor theocracy, most of the palace has been emptied of politicians (many remarked that LaCroix and the Taiyo Kensei had "finally emptied the palace chamber pots").

Though theocratic rule is oppressive, the people welcomed it largely for the stability it brought over the bickering of princes that had marked the better part of the last decade, in the form of the Fifty Years' War and the War of the Lions.

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