The Genasi were born of a conflict called "the Sundering," which was one of the earliest accepted godswars of the current age. When the world was created by the Primordials, these infinite elemental beings sought to model the planet after themselves, but their power was equal and the world was violently shaped in their stalemate by earth, fire, air, and water. After they realized they had created the world in their four essences, they sought to control it, too, this time through military means, creating the titans, the giants, and the seahawks genasi to conquer altha'ruin in their names. It was only with the arrival of the Gods, particularly the blessing of sunlight by Pelor, that the Sundering ceased and the Primordials forged a truce in the form of the Elemental Isles. As the gods began to create alth'ruin's other races in their image, (Pelor the humans, Corellon the eladrin, and so on), the Primordials' influence waned and soon the genasi were but another race among many.

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