Galahad is the capital of the Golden Kingdom and the home of High Inquisitor LaCroix. The city is strongly devoted to the sun god Pelor. Located on the edge of the Golden Plateau, the view of the High Inquisitor encompasses nearly the entire Kingdom.

Places of interest in Galahad include:

  • The Bazaar is the primary shopping district in Galahad. Merchants from all over the kingdom and abroad come here to ply their wares in this bustling outdoor market.
  • The Golden Palace is a massive ziggurat in the center of Galahad, forming the seat of government and the home of Inquisitor LaCroix. The basement of the palace is a cloister called the Monastery of Saint Ajora, where the Sword Saints Taiyo Kensei are based.
  • The Hopewards, despite the cheery name, are the slums in Galahad. The residents know it as "the Gloomwards" because Pelor's light rarely shines there.
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