If there is a place where the Great wilds meets the The Ocean and is close to the civilized world, thats where Eveningwood is. Very few people remember what the town was originally known as, it was briefly known as Brightwood after the church took over. In the early years of the church they took the town and and changed the name to Brightwood, enforced new laws and aggressively tried to convert the heathens. Soon the heathens rose up against the church and changed the name to Eveningwood. Now it is a town of debauchery, known as "the setting sun" or "the city of fallen angels," nothing is taboo in Eveningwood.

The it is tradition that the mayor lives in the now vacant church of Pelor. Though the mayor is a largely meaningless title as there are no laws to enforce, ceremonies to preform, or dignitaries to meet it does provide a certain amount of social power. To become mayor all you have to do is occupy the church, you can do that by killing the old mayor, being named by the old mayor, staging a coup, or anything else you can think of. The current mayor Dio has held the position for over 200 years, a long standing record in the town. He became mayor when he convinced a half-orc to challenge the previous mayor to a duel. When the two of them began the fight, he simply walked into the church and locked the door behind him.

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