Evangelical Church of Moradin

The Evangelical Church of Moradin takes a modern interpretation of the histories and traditions of Moradin. They believe that, while they were made from stone, to properly build a legacy worthy of Moradin, one must travel in and through the world. Knowledge of Primordials, arcana and divinity, and other races and cultures is critical to forming the required stoic mindset.


The church is loosely structured, without any central authority or group. There are several large ecclesiastical bodies that meet when the need arises as indicated by the laments of the church body. The local church community is important and has the most power as it regards the needs of the followers. Each church is led by a simple priest who is responsible to take a protege. The priest is the highest authority, but answerable to the people of his jurisdiction.

Important Clergy and Churches

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To become a priest, a protege must travel out into the world on missionary work. The goal is to experience the world, gain knowledge, and learn to live a stoic lifestyle. The protege must return with something of value to enrich his community and the dwarven people at large. This can be a great secret or an awesome invention.

Famous Discoveries

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