Elves and Eladrin

From the treatise "On the History of the Races of Altha'Ruin" by the historian [[[Someone invent a historian]]], page 137:

Thousands of years ago, the civilized Eladrin, the subterranean Drow, and the Elves of the wilderness were one race, known as the "Eldar." It is still unclear why the Eldar sundered, but these three races diverged first in ideology and over time in appearance and culture.

The Eladrin, who call themselves the "Vanyar," or the "fair elves," have the lightest coloration of all the elves and a natural predilection toward the arcane arts. They tend to dwell in cities, and they value possessions and political power.

The Drow, who call themselves the "Noldor," or the "deep elves," have the darkest coloration of all the elves and established a cutthroat civilization beneath the planet's surface. They craft poisons and are said to worship spiders.

The Elves, who call themselves the "Teleri," or "those who come last," have a medium coloration and elected to dwell in the wilderness. They value natural skills such as hunting and trapping and establish no kingdoms and hold no titles.

These are the basics (thanks, Tolkein). I'll add some nuances at a later time.

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