The dwarf are a hardy stout people who prefer life underground in great halls. They are hardworking, stoic, and skilled in crafts.


It is well known that the forefathers of the dwarven clans were literally crafted by the deity Moradin in his secret forges at center of the Worldspire. However, they were incomplete when they were awoken suddenly by a great cataclysm. The Primordials assaulted Moradin's forges, releasing his creations into the wide world. It is said that this incompleteness explains their size and desire to perfect crafts.

The dwarves desire to find the long lost domain of Moradin at the center of the world, but have been thwarted by all attempts to delve too deeply in the chasms of the Worldspire. The churches of Moradin believe that they must gather knowledge, strength, and invention to claim their birthright.


The great clans were each descended from one of Moradin's original dwarfs. Each dwarf takes his father's name as his family name, in this way his father is honored and the son is inspired to earn the name.

Great Clans

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Minor Clans

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Other Clans

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