Amber Velvet

Amber Velvet, known as The Dio, is an Elven Bard of great notoriety, staying in the spotlight for several centuries, though he is not loved by many in the church of Pelor, the rest of the explored world thinks he kicks ass. He is also the Dio of Eveningwood, a title that he has held for longer than anyone before him. To become Dio you must simply take the home of the Dio, which is what used to be the church of Brightwood. Though Velvet has left town several time to see the world and spread his music, no one has ever managed to breach the walls of his home.

He does not spend much time out of his home anymore. Despite his elven blood, he is now noticeably in the twilight of life, a few centuries in of the rock and roll life style can wear on the body. He is gaunt and dark haired, people joke that he has been biologically dead for years and that the drugs in his system have been keeping him alive.

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