Captain Orten

Captain Orten is a gruff and fairly unkempt man in his late 40's. Clearly he has seen more then his fair share of battle as the eye patch he wears over his left eye and the large horizontal scar that runs across his face will tell you. The Scar looks as though the Captain was luck to only lose the use of one eye in whatever battle gave him the wound. The captain wears a suit of steel plate with an Icy Blue hue, his spiked shield and battle ax are never far from him.

The captain is not a particularly outgoing man, he generally keeps to himself with his only real passion being his children, of which he had 12, but only 5 are still alive.

  • Gregory Orten - Deceased - Died at age 12 from an infection of unknown origin
  • Elizibeth Orton - Deceased - Died During Childbirth, She became married out of wedlock and the child was sent to the orphanage immediately. Current whereabouts of the child ar unknown, as is his name.
  • Kyle Orton - Deceased - Kyle was attacked by Bears but left alive. He was unfortunately killed when struck and subsequently trampled by a wild hoarse while hunting the following year.
  • Daniel Orton - Deceased - Died of incidental poisoning
  • Arnold Orton - Deceased - was killed in action defending a priest in Hon'aru
  • Joeseph Orton - Deceased - died in a fight with a Dire Weasel when he was 15
  • Anette Orton - Deceased - Fell to her death while playing tag at age 8
  • Sebastian Orton - Sebastian is the most gifted apprentice of Viper Wilcox.
  • Katherine Orton - Katherine works as a waitress at the Grindhaus and is the only waitress there who is not harassed on a daily basis thanks to the influence of her father.
  • Jennifer Orton - Jennifer fell into a bad crowd and her last known whereabouts place her in Eveningwood.
  • Andrew Orton - Andrew works for Auctioneer Scatter meeting with merchants and helping to run some of the auctions at Scatter's Bazaar
  • Charity Orton - Charity is the youngest of the Orten's and has just developed over the past year into the kind of girl a guy could just choke all night long… err you know what i mean.
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