Village of Brockengeist

Brockengeist is a tiny, isolated village hidden in a valley deep within the Mystwald. The Art runs deep in the hamlet’s bloodlines, as nearly every villager can weave a modest handful of enchantments. For generations, the elder’s of Brockengeist have avoided significant contact with exterior world, maintaining polite, but distant relationships with other villages only when they had to.

Several years ago, the village was discovered by the Duchy of Wellsborough and had since been subject to increasing pressure to bow to the crown. Tensions came to a point one year ago when The Duchy sent a contingent of paladins to “detain suspected maleficari and necromancers”, including the village elder.

Though the elder surrendered peacefully, other mages retaliated, sparking a bloody battle between the groups. In the end, the majority of both groups had fallen. The remaining paladins, though victorious, would bear the scars and curses of battles for months to come.

Brockengeist is now abandoned and is slowly being reclaimed by the Mystwald.

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