Birth Of Monsters

Among the people of Alth' Ruin there are many myths associated with the birth of an Aberration, generally the term used to describe the various classes of "Sub-Human" born to normal human parents. The following is a list of known Aberrations.

There are many theories regarding the birth of the Aberrant. Many people view them as a curse, foreshadowing a time of great strife. Still many others see them as a mark of disease or impurity on the family that bore them, a living declaration that they angered the gods, (or the elemental lords). Still stranger is that should an Aberrant conceive a child with a human there is a 50% chance that the child will also be born an Aberrant. This has lead to small hidden villages throughout the world where Aberrations and those sympathetic to them gather away from the distrust of the general world. Few of them actually revel in the fear they bring on, using it to their advantage as mercenaries and thieves, while others devote themselves to a cause in an attempt to repent for whatever sin stains their blood and forced them to be punished by birth.

The Golden Kingdom has recently made declarations that all the children of Pelor are have been created with purpose, and that no one should question the plans of the Divine. As such all intelligent creatures are to be treated as equals. This decree has forced bigotry into hiding and has made the kingdom more tolerable, but most of the Aberrant races still choose to live in their own secluded places and still face racism, just not publicly.

The actual cause is the latent energies being released in the astral sea and elemental chaos from the battle waging between the Gods and the Primordials. As the material plane absorbs the radiation from the fighting things in the world change somewhat inexplicably. The Aberrant races are resulting births of children who were brought into contact with the radiation during development. As such they are in actuality a forced evolution of humanity into entirely new races. The effects of the radiation can at times be seen on other creatures of Altha' Ruin as well, which has led to the diverse collection of flora and fauna found across the world.

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