Bavaria is a far-off land that has long fallen under the curse of the dark god Vecna. Her stalwart people have long abused alcohol, pork, and each other as a means to keep morale high for their continued war against the dark forces they alone keep at bay. Famed for their organizational excellence and untrustworthy (some would say "intolerant") nature, Bavarians are also the most perfect race of humans to ever walk Altha'Ruin. They've got passion in their pants and they ain't afraid to show it, show it, show it.

Probably the most famous Bavarian family are the famed whip-wielding vampire hunters: Simon Brungart, who killed and un-killed the vampire lord Rob Dragula a bunch of convoluted times, Richter Brungart who was raped to death by weird little humping monkeys, and Dustin Brungart who was exiled for "staking" a goth girl who was most notably neither a real vampire nor eighteen.

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