Asteron is a minotaur barbarian. Asteron comes from the barbaric Meskwaki Tribe, which is part of the Three Clawed Kingdom. Asteron is considered an abomination, a cursed fiend born of human parents. Due to his strength, Asteron has used since a child to do mining inside of the volcano. Asteron was not exiled from the tribe due to his father being the leader of the Meskwaki.

Asteron's parents were killed by Vecna several years ago. Vecna struck down his parent with undead lightning causing them to explode. As Asteron was covered with pieces of his parents, he swore to avenge the death of his parents. Asteron has been going around destroying churches of Vecna and murdering her followers.

Asteron has a hatred of skeletons. Not being very intelligent, Asteron believes that the skeletons must be reinserted into their bodies and is confused about how they came out in the first place.

Asteron has a short attention span and is attracted by shiny objects. He solves most of his problems through violence.

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