Altha'Ruin is the world in which the chronicles of (insert adventuring company name) take place.

Altha'Ruin is a young world, where the Elemental Powers are still strong after freshly creating this world, and the Gods have yet to grow into their full potential. Great clashes between the Gods and the Elemental Powers are still commonplace and the battle for supremacy over the world rages on. It is due to this war that the young world already has many scars covering its surface and is a violent and dangerous place.

The inhabitants of Altha'Ruin have been dragged into the conflict as well, with organized religions devoted to gods and the elemental powers controlling vast tracts of territory and constantly warring with one another under the banner of their lord. Being a young world there is much still to be discovered and explored. The following are the most widely known territories.

Known Territories:

The Frozen North
- The Frozen North is controlled by the Consortium of the Great Wyrm, a Necromantic Cult rumored to follow a great Dracolich raised by Vecna himself. It contains all of the inhospitable frozen tundra of the great northern barriers, the edge of which is widely believed to be the edge of the world.

The Great Seas
- The Great Seas cover 70% of the surface of Atha'Ruin and creatures beyond the scope of imagination inhabit them. The Great Seas are the Stronghold of the Charydian Order, the nomadic religion centered around Maritimus Lord of the Maelstrom, and the domain of Melora, Goddess of the Wilderness and the Sea. The constant struggle between Melora and Maritimus ensures only to heartiest dare travel to far from shore.

- Worldspire is the name of the largest single mountain on all of Altha'Ruin, its size dwarfing everything but The Great Seas themselves. The Mountain is so large it contains over 25 separate civilizations and is the most populated area in all of Atha'Ruin. Many religions view Worldspire as sacred, as such it has never known peace. The greatest of battles between Moradin the dwarven god, and Solumn the Earth Lord have left great chasms in which entire countries have been built.

The Bowl of Ash
- The Bowl of Ash the name of the basins surround the ever erupting volcano dubbed by the locals as "The Great Furnace" This area is the uncontested kingdom of Exuro, the all consuming flame. and the home of the Three Clawed Kingdom.

The Plateau of Kings
- The Plateau of Kings and the surrounding area is the center of the Golden Kingdom, an empire ruled by High Inquisitor La'Croix and devoted to Pelor. The Golden kingdom is the greatest empire in all of Altha'Ruin constantly expanding and building new settlements. It is also here in the Plateau of Kings that the Merchant Houses of Altha'Ruin started their profit minded confederation.

The Great Wilds
- Little is known of The Great Wilds, other then it is a forest without equal and no one has ever returned from the other side of it, lending most people to believe that it leads to the southern end of the world.

The Elemental Isles

The Swamp of Solace
- North of the Bowl of Ash once was a great and vibrant rain forest, but the winds blow north and the sulfuric ash from the Great Furnace has choked out all but the hardiest of species, and the great die off of all the trees has left a foul swamp and bog area. Little is known of the Swamp of Solace other then its creation as it is a very dangerous place that few have ever ventured into.

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