The Chronicles of the Inhuman League

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The world is in turmoil. The war between the gods and the elemental powers rages on with no victor in sight. The races of Altha'Ruin have splintered their allegiances and war has erupted worldwide. It is under these conditions that a band of potential saviors gather in The Drunken Leech, preparing to embark on a journey leaving the Trade City of Terripin, offering protection to the trade caravan in payment for passage to the town of New Haven, a developing outpost on the border of the civilized world and the Great Wilds.

Campaign Progress

Map Ideas: Alright, here is the latest iteration of the map, there are still some minor issues with it, mostly the character back story areas are still missing, but that is relatively minor for right now, and well get taken care of probably within the month.

  • lvl 1 completed including loot tables - finished
  • lvl 2 completed including loot tables - finished
  • lvl 3 completed including loot tables - finished
  • lvl 4 completed including loot tables - finished
  • lvl 5 completed including loot tables - finished
  • lvl 6 story being fleshed out - overarching characters being created
  • lvl 7 story being fleshed out

Needed Pages

When you address these issues, the DM might look favorably on your contribution and consider it when there is treasure to be given out.

  • Get your Magic item Wishlist done so i can finish loot tables. Thanks
  • Fill out the Active PC Cards. If you're a wizard, make them each individual pages, include them there and on each character's page.
  • I need some player work done on recaps. Session Recaps
  • As you can tell by looking at the pictures found for the characters so far, im not the best at finding them. If you find a better picture to go with the description of the character, please replace the old picture. Thank you

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Known Villains

Races of Altha'Ruin

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